The list…

It seems to come and go, but there’s an odd pain in my left knee, it’s probably just been slept on or something, but after all, I’ve only got to wait until Tuesday before I can hopefully get more answers to everything. There’s bound to be a lot that Dr. Spooner can’t or won’t answer, but like so much at the moment, I’m just going to have to see.

If I’m still going, it seems like, apart from a few extra cards, the list will just be copied from last year though. That suits me down to the ground though, at least it proves how much dead wood has been dropped over the years, and for the right reasons. More to the point, those people have been there over the past month or so, and will hopefully be there for the upcoming months in the same way. Although it might not be just for me…if I’m not here, it’s going to make that wrapping tricky to do.

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