No change…

The cough is still there, but seems to come and go- chances are it’s weather related but I’ll double check with Spooner/Aslam in the morning. Lemsip or something of that ilk will probably be ok to take but for the sake of a day, it’s no hardship to wait to find out for sure. It didn’t get in the way of the radiotheraphy earlier so it’s barely worth getting too bothered by.

As with all the zappings this week, bar Tuesday’s, they are all early appointments so once again, sleep is broken up to a few hours here and there so far, I expect the rest of the week will follow suit; I’m resigned to it now though…one of these days I’ll get all the sleep I’m owed.

2 thoughts on “No change…

  1. It sure takes a chunk out of the day for a moments zapping. The delays to appointments can be a pain too. I had over a 2hr delay on a couple of ocassions.

    • I’ve had some good fortune so far then; it’s only a fifth of the way through, but the QE have been remarkably efficent in all aspects of treatment so far…. A shame you had to put up with delays like that!

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