Skeleton on display

I’m getting snappier. It could be the heat, it could be my time of the month, it could be all the labels that get thrown this way or what’s going on in my head. The highest chance is it’s everything combined, but it’s not getting more tolerable for anyone; I’m getting more and more frustrated with every aspect of life as each second ticks on and I’m pretty sure that will start to show with everyone soon enough and drive them away, if it hasn’t already.

No more chemo tablets now until June. When they initially said it was a six month thing, it sounded like ages; I would be on the course of tablets, happily plodding along to work and being able to do things at my leisure with some pill popping of the evening to mix it up. No such luck…I’m languishing in limbo, unable to get to work and we’re coming to the six month threshold. Chances are they will keep it going for a year if they don’t end it soon, but there had best be some answers soon.

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