Seven wonders

Short  of submitting it and it becoming ‘official’, the will is done. I’m sure it’s nothing fancy and there’s better out there but the less
I spend on a bit of paper means more to spend on food etc and anyway  it should be to the letter, but I guess it will be used as a guide…I’m not sure, according to MY BELIEFS I won’t be here to check..  I’ve done what I can, the ball is well and truly in your park.

Gift wise relies on everything turning up in time, which I hope it will as it gets it all out of the way. Everyone who means something special to me has got at least something so they will look down/switch on/ see and hopefully think of me. If they don’t or reach for the nearest car boot pile then so be it. I’ve got all of next week free so hopefully I can do the gifts and rest easy.

I’m not booking anything past mid-December; come to think of it, I’m not booking anything for me because I won’t be here and if I am I’ll be so shit it won’t be worth it. I can’t walk at all without support and once down the stairs I stay there, so it’s limited how many times I will go out in a week.

Every niight I ‘ve been getting eggy tasting nausea without having any eggs. Spooner has put it down to sickenss and has kept the dose the same but it’s still there,..I shouldn’t moan as i’ve got more than that to bother about.

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