It’s getting worse with everything. Grant is getting me up and there’s slight bruising every day from being pulled. I’ll try sleeping in the chair tonight to cut out the walking.

It feels like there is no energy in the right leg and it’s spreading. I don’t know how long it will be until I can’t use either leg at all. I’ve asked for a ballpark figure and they’ve said December. I’ve organised most of anything so there’s not much to go. No questions.

2 thoughts on “Pillow

  1. Hey Chris, I spoke to your Mum this morning. I’m from the Leicester side of your family. Your Mum is my second cousin and my name is Tony Shelley. Just reading this blog I both love and admire your courage. Is it OK if I comment from time to time. I’ve signed up to follow and looking forward to it. When you see Debbie, tell her I’ve been in touch, my website is:
    My wife Cathy and I will be thinking about you.

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