Dragon Warrior

Everyone keeps going on about a bucket list and all kinds get thrown around. I’ll say to save trying to follow me, you use what I have done and treat accordingly. Do what you want, not what you’re told.

was there when Gilmour & Mason turned up together.
was to meet Warwick Davis & family.
been on a narrowboat.
was at the last UK New Order with Hooky.
saw B.S.P at Gloucester.
saw Manics & Idlewild at least 20 times each.
made sure I was last at the Warwick twilight walk.
have opened the Longhorn.
have eaten paella.
have piloted a boat.
have seen Pulp.
have been a best man with a speech.
have seen all 3 working Lancasters doing their thing.
have ate sushi.
have ate indian.
have seen Ian Broudie in the pouring rain.
have ate squid.
have crossed to Lundy Island.
have ate shark.
done Tomatina.
have ate kangaroo.
have fed a goose.
have been abroad.
have kipped on the floor.
have seen Pearl Jam.
have have had peanut butter.
have climbed Snowdon.
have been so pissed I don’t know where I am.
have seen a TV show being filmed.                                                                      have been in all of the seas (North, South, East & West.)
have never been in debt or needed an overdraft.
have been in (a very minor) car crash.
have not found Nessie in Inverness.
have discovered Xatvia Castle.
have been stopped by the police.

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