Say what you want…..

Everything’s getting a name and once inside the wolves den, I’m gone. Spooner said it would be worse until the end and as everything’s getting worse I don’t think his prediction is too far off. Hope not.

After everything is divided into at least jiffy bags, I’m done. Everyone who means something will have something. I’ll probably wait until the end of the month and coincides with Nicci’s payment so as long as it’s doable,

2 thoughts on “Say what you want…..

  1. You’ve shared your journey with us, even if you never thought you’d have readers. The courage that you show with each post, no matter what they have been about, has given me strength to face my own life and the things in it. Thank you.

  2. I have read all your posts Chris and found myself unable to find any words to express what a lovely person you are or to say anything remotely useful or comforting ( like most people I guess, rubbish at dealing with illness and death) but I want you to know that your posts have been read and that every day I say a prayer for you and your family, I hope in some small way its doing some good, giving you some peace. Your thoughts throughout your illness have moved many people and who knows what good seeds have been sown in others that will change their lives after reading your posts. I think the thing that comes across the most is that everything matters and even when we are at our lowest we are still able to make a difference to the world.You have…. Peace and blessings, Cath.

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