Once again, zapping was a simple process of lying there and doing nothing for ten minutes, plus the clinic appointment afterwards was with Dr Spooner himself. All that came from it was an xray that will be done tomorrow just to make sure my chest isn’t doing anything too odd and a prescription for some antibiotics and cough mixture to ease it. As it’s only to be taken three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I couldn’t see the point fetching it today and it’s not like there won’t be time before the xray to do so.

People will carry on amazing me with their kindness and willingness to put themselves out for me; parents especially, but so far, Kerry and Alan with their very early morning trips across Birmingham have been brilliant. Laura’s trip from Surrey today to partake in the fun of the QE was a tiring but great way to catch up, with little walks around the Mac duck pond & the Arbouretum, plus a feast in Frankie & Benny’s rounding off the day was an excellent way to spend a Tuesday and should make me sleep fairly well, I hope!

All together now…..

A truly exhausting day; I knew the trip to London to see Anna would be pretty tiring, and there wasn’t really that much walking to be done, but there was a definite change from previous trips out, there seemed a little more stiffness in my leg, but chances are that’s more to do with the journey than anything else.

It turns out that the surprise Kerry was planning on my return from London was getting a load of people together for us all to have drinks at the Sheaf, so plenty of sneakiness from everyone to get there and get me there. I could only manage a few hours because of tablet timings and for the simple matter of being knackered, but it was a lovely evening and a good judge of who would turn up should events change over the next months.