It could be the chemo tablets having some effect on me, which is possible, but this past week has been quite draining. It’s almost a permanant dizzy feeling, which mixed in with the normal lack of coordination and tiredness has been quite tricky in parts.

The charity donation letters have all been sent, with a few more to be done on Monday. If something comes out of them, it’s going to be a hell of a relief; if I can’t get anything from these places, the raffle will end up being filled with a basket of Poundland stuff….


If it wasn’t for doing stuff with the charity and trying to arrange things, I think I would have lost the plot long before now. I just hope it all becomes worthwhile once we get nearer to it. Some of it is taking longer to fall into place; raffle prizes etc, but at least there is potential it will actually happen.

Even sat down, the dizziness presents itself, so it can’t be blamed on the obvious standing up etc, there’s a slight improvement in the leg movement, but not enough to really warrant any sort of celebration.


The sleep thing seems to be getting better, or at least it’s lasting more of a normal length, but it doesn’t make the day any less draining. Regardless of how much I nap, or try and nap, there’s still a tiredness there; heavy eyes, a general feeling of fatigue… something that isn’t going to go.

Progress has been made with the donations side of things, hopefully it’s just a matter of days before the actual fund page is set up and it can be publicised even more.


My leg is still feeling quite heavy from going round Stafford on Saturday; I guess it needs more than one burst of being used properly a week to allow it to get used to doing more than toddling to the kitchen to put the kettle on. It will all happen with time.

The wooziness seems to have hit a standardised level, which isn’t ideal, but at least I’m half expectant how each day is going to pan out in terms of stability and general feeling. have replied in terms of setting up a supporter’s group about an hour ago..I’ve filled in the form so hopefully there’s some progress at their end before the end of the day so I can get the word out and we can get contributing.

The kindness of strangers

They have given me a timetable of dropping down the dosage of steroids, as I’ve been on the same amount for over 3 months…it’s only the past few days it’s a ‘significant’ mg drop down, and aside from joint pains and fatigue, which were there anyway, I’m yet to see any changes.

Lois & Tony from The Wheatsheaf did an amazing thing at new year’s and made the gesture of passing on the fundraising they have been doing, including Tony shaving his head, to me. I can’t get my head around how kind the community of the pub by doing this, and their choice to do’s sometimes so hard to find words.

I have been speaking to the great guys at Brain Tumour Charity about linking something up to arrange some of this as a donation to them and also something that would allow other things to be added in the future…when the running shoes get their dusting off…maybe….