Yesterday was a much needed do nothing day, just lounging around catching up on TV and drinking tea until it was time for the Dr Who showing. It can’t be more than a little amusing that the Odeon we booked at was at the site of the old children’s hospital. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and a lovely evening with Paul & Emily, and even a slightly broken but all in all full-ish sleep to top it off.

Cannock Chase was surprisingly easy to negotiate today, admittedly, it was close to the visitor centre so I guess the paths would be slighly better than elsewhere in there, but even so, a small victory.

There’s patients that need anaesthetic before their treatment all of this week, so all appointments are, give or take, an hour later, so a little bit of a lie in for a change. Chances are I’ll still be up at the same time as normal but it’s a nice thought.

Ah well, number 10 coming up in a few hours….