The auction night appeared to bring people together, some who wouldn’t be talking were and conversations happened; I like to think that through the awareness and money for the charity that I have helped that water flow under the bridge or at least been the strange glue I’ve been this past year.

A total will be to follow. I don’t know what I will be doing now I haven’t got anything like that to focus on and that’s probably a good thing…the abseil and twilight walk is out of my hands, as is the skydive, so it’s kinda fitting.

Tablets are the same; steroids have been leaving marks for the past 6 months or so but Dr Spooner thinks they are ok so he’s bumped those up to 8mg a morning and the monthly chemo are still there, but everything else has stayed as it is.

Symptoms are getting worse, most noteably in the right leg…it’s working on about 45% of what it should be, if that, I can barely walk unless I’m familiar or have support I fall, so I’m limiting the amount I do.

It’s been noticed by Dr Spooner that I’m getting worse, which is a good thing, most consultants would glaze over it. He’s sending out a chase for the scan, a dermatologist for my feet and legs and a pallative nurse to see how I am. Whether this happens is another thing, but it looks like something happens. They have shaved 3 months off lift off, so he has reluctantly said Christmas time….I hope it’s a bit of way off that time of year as so many have so much going on, but I can’t help it and I won’t be here to find out……


If it wasn’t for doing stuff with the charity and trying to arrange things, I think I would have lost the plot long before now. I just hope it all becomes worthwhile once we get nearer to it. Some of it is taking longer to fall into place; raffle prizes etc, but at least there is potential it will actually happen.

Even sat down, the dizziness presents itself, so it can’t be blamed on the obvious standing up etc, there’s a slight improvement in the leg movement, but not enough to really warrant any sort of celebration.


It might be because the scan was nearly a month ago and therefore out of date already but the whole ‘it’s shrunk’ news isn’t ringing true. I’m groggier and less coordinated, and it’s been that way for over a week, so it can’t even be put down to the chemo tablets.

They won’t be scanning for another few months so it’s always going to be a case of the results being a bit behind the reality unless it’s something they feel I need to know straightaway….

At least all the charity efforts seem to be paying off so far; 7 team members so far, so more chance of donations from far and wide. My only concern so far is managing to get prizes etc for the auction/raffle. There’s over a month to arrange it, but even so, having to rely on other people is never the most comforting solution….