For what it’s worth, I did the final stages of the blue badge today, it will save some money in the hospital and I suppose it will make it easier for everyone else. It’s all in the hands of the council, so it’s down to them when it arrives.

I can’t do too much more for the auction; everything is pretty much going to be as it will be. There’s about 16 items that I’ve got so far, with more promised and not given (sounds familiar….,) plus Tony says that he has more..but no idea what they, if anything, they are.

The unoffical target is close, but I doubt it will be hit before the auction..it may do though. No targets have been put on anything thinking about it; less dissapointment in everyone’s life if there’s nowhere to aim towards.

Sally says she is sending out some T-Shirts with the promo stuff for Tony to put on while he is doing the auctioneering, so hopefully some pictures will make it onto the site and people who didn’t bother with the Facebook invite/page/anything (they know who they are) will see sense and donate. In the promotional thing, I hope some more pots are included….I’m still waiting, even after several messages, to get one back; it might have no money inside but there might not. I have no way of knowing until it gets returned.