From my records at the QE, my weight has obviously gone down on record…and it’s not pretty reading; since October, I’ve piled on 2 stone. The steroids could be a contributing factor to it, as the medical experts mention, but they cannot be the only factor.

The dizzy feeling gets slightly eased off as the day goes on, but not by much. There’s only steroids and pain relief tablets left now…the anti-sickness ones seemed to be more of a placebo; I’ve had none for over a week and there’s no change.


If it wasn’t for doing stuff with the charity and trying to arrange things, I think I would have lost the plot long before now. I just hope it all becomes worthwhile once we get nearer to it. Some of it is taking longer to fall into place; raffle prizes etc, but at least there is potential it will actually happen.

Even sat down, the dizziness presents itself, so it can’t be blamed on the obvious standing up etc, there’s a slight improvement in the leg movement, but not enough to really warrant any sort of celebration.