It might be because the scan was nearly a month ago and therefore out of date already but the whole ‘it’s shrunk’ news isn’t ringing true. I’m groggier and less coordinated, and it’s been that way for over a week, so it can’t even be put down to the chemo tablets.

They won’t be scanning for another few months so it’s always going to be a case of the results being a bit behind the reality unless it’s something they feel I need to know straightaway….

At least all the charity efforts seem to be paying off so far; 7 team members so far, so more chance of donations from far and wide. My only concern so far is managing to get prizes etc for the auction/raffle. There’s over a month to arrange it, but even so, having to rely on other people is never the most comforting solution….


A strangely drowsy day, which with no changes to tablets or anything is a little odd, but that could be developments internally that we don’t find out about for a while.

After a quick chat with Esther at the Longhorn, the date for the quiz is confirmed. I would say it’s my first event organised for but most of the hard work is out of my hands….all I need to do is get people there, so not as much organising as I feared!

The donations are doing extremely well, I was thinking £10,000 as a target, but thought that far too optimistic and declined to put one on the page. Let’s just keep it going until something breaks……