Yesterday was a much needed do nothing day, just lounging around catching up on TV and drinking tea until it was time for the Dr Who showing. It can’t be more than a little amusing that the Odeon we booked at was at the site of the old children’s hospital. Needless to say, it was a lot of fun and a lovely evening with Paul & Emily, and even a slightly broken but all in all full-ish sleep to top it off.

Cannock Chase was surprisingly easy to negotiate today, admittedly, it was close to the visitor centre so I guess the paths would be slighly better than elsewhere in there, but even so, a small victory.

There’s patients that need anaesthetic before their treatment all of this week, so all appointments are, give or take, an hour later, so a little bit of a lie in for a change. Chances are I’ll still be up at the same time as normal but it’s a nice thought.

Ah well, number 10 coming up in a few hours….

Up the junction

I’ve often wondered why the older generation are always up early; humming rond the kitchen, tea towel over the shoulder…doing anything but sleep. It’s mystified me for ages and maybe now it’s obvious- it’s not a choice, it seems as if the body will just do it, naturally know it’s day’s are drawing close. Still makes me want to catch up on the non-sleep time, so it’s not proving that point all that well!

I seem to be a little wobblier on my feet and co-ordination a little more
‘off’, but how much of that is lack of practice? From the sofa to the kettle and to Father’s car isn’t really going to do too much good, but risking more than that sounds like a trip for another day…

Gifted betwixt copious amounts of tea and Despicable Me from Emily yesterday, I could have just had the finest breakfast in a long time…chicken supergrain soup! Maybe that’s what I need to give me the boost each day? I can live with that!

Down to the last boxes of some of the tablets on the counter, quite an acheivement comparing how full it was, but I dare say that it will be replenished soon, if they see a reason to, of course.