I got damaged..

While it seemed like a better night, it can’t have been; a longer than of recent mornings lie in, yet I’m feeling possibly the weakest and most exhausted since the start of this chapter.

A few cuppas and chocolate log with Zenon was hardly an exertion, so it can’t be that, and even a late afternoon trip to Tamworth shouldn’t take it out of me too much- it’s a bit hilly, granted, but not as bad as it feels. There were moments when I was so unsteady I had to lean up against shop fronts to keep some sense of gravity. It passed and I could still walk in my adopted drunken zombie kinda way, but if it gets much worse I’ll have to see what the powers that be can suggest. There’s always the taking me to the middle of the woods to test the new shotgun….

The fabled KFC was finally tracked down and munched! Hell, it’s only fast food, but like a cuppa or a hug, it’s sometimes so welcome it can’t really be described. I know what I mean.

It’s the penultimate night of the chemo tablets, so if it is them that have caused anything, which is doubtful so far into the course, at least I will see that go this week. For now it’s just a matter of staying awake long enough to take them.


My first foray into the non-informed outside world fell to the lucky souls of Stafford…a land of charity shops and not too much else! This is not a bad thing-much better than going somewhere packed with Saturday shoppers.

The quest for KFC was futile, not one to be seen anywhere in town, so the other option was McDonalds…who lost their sale due to ‘running out of chips’. Yeah, exactly. Needless to say, an alternative was found- which satisfied my lust for chicken products and chips!

It might be the kickback from tablets or the walking today, of which there wasn’t all that much considering, but I did feel like walking is starting to become a little trickier…silly little things like taking longer for it to move and there being more concentration needed to just shift myself sometimes. Let’s see how it pans out tomorrow, after what had better be a long sleep!


Maybe it was not being taken round the parents to eat, and instead whacking an average pizza in for tea before Paul came across to visit, but I seem to have slept marginly better. Granted, I’m still having to get up around 0500 to pee every night, but it seemed more of a rewarding sleep. 

Kerry is right, as she said when she popped in yesterday afternoon; I still need to get out of the four walls, ever the voice of reason really! It does seem while I possibily can still move with a degree of normality, it’s best to get out, even if it’s just a hop in the car somewhere with the parents. Where? Well, apparantly, they are on the way, but as all I have seen is home, their’s, the shop for a short while and hospital this week, anywhere will be a bonus I guess!

And after he mentioned it last night, I can’t help but think of a KFC, so I will be making it a bit of a beeline for one if I can!