It’s getting no easier and I can’t keep going like this much longer; too much is passing me by and I’m stuck where I am, unable to control my own life.

The steroids have had the blame from medical professionals (as well as those that think they are) for the massive weight gain, but even with a drop in the dosage it doesn’t seem like they are totally to blame. I’ve been doing small distances on the excercise bike, when my leg allows, plus trying to eat a lot less, but with no visible results. I’ve got to get something done; it hardly improves my looks and that area needs all the help it can get. I’m sick of seeing everyone so happy and together, knowing full well for me it’s just a dream.

I’m less tolerant of people these days- that may well be the best thing I bring out of this, if I actually get out of it, but there’s only so many times someone will proclaim or offer something with little or no follow up and it’s something I can’t be done with anymore.