It’s all for nothing…

While explaining why I had been quiet of recent months to someone I share an interest with, as I was typing away, I realised that even with everything they have tried so far, both combined and singulary, there are things that haven’t changed at all; the coordination, feeling in my right hand side, wobbliness etc.

I know everyone will respond to treatment in different ways and timescales but for virtually no change to have happened at all does make me think that when they do finally get a scan done the results will be heading towards growth or no progress at all.

Do I really want to know?

Well, this will be the first ‘post news’ appointment, so it will be different. It’s not like he can give me a bigger bombshell than last week, but let’s see about that.
Yes, it’s a bit morbid of me to want to know the grade, and therefore how long I might be knocking around this life for, but I think it’s only fair that I do. Probably won’t tell many people that answer, just keep it bolted up inside of me; that’s how I do life,