Maybe it was not being taken round the parents to eat, and instead whacking an average pizza in for tea before Paul came across to visit, but I seem to have slept marginly better. Granted, I’m still having to get up around 0500 to pee every night, but it seemed more of a rewarding sleep. 

Kerry is right, as she said when she popped in yesterday afternoon; I still need to get out of the four walls, ever the voice of reason really! It does seem while I possibily can still move with a degree of normality, it’s best to get out, even if it’s just a hop in the car somewhere with the parents. Where? Well, apparantly, they are on the way, but as all I have seen is home, their’s, the shop for a short while and hospital this week, anywhere will be a bonus I guess!

And after he mentioned it last night, I can’t help but think of a KFC, so I will be making it a bit of a beeline for one if I can!