I’m resigned to the fact that sleeping patterns are back to how they were six months ago. I’ll ride it out until the next appointment and if it’s still the same, I’ll bring it up, but chances are nothing can be done.

The weekend of fundraising was a success; all of the firewalkers hit their targets and enjoyed themselves. At least they seemed to…

Apparantly the amount we raised for the quiz was over double what they would normally get for a charity night in the pub, which can only be an impressive acheivement. I need a rest from it all though; the auction won’t be for a while yet and I just need some time.


The wooziness is showing no signs of letting up, if anything, it seems to be getting worse. The only changes that have been made in the time it’s happened has been the small drop in the dosage of steroids and even that’s too insignificant to cause anything. The sleeping patterns are back to being unpredictable, leading to a feeling of constant tiredness; which could all be contributing to the head pain.

The first event is completed, all 3 who said they would firewalk did so and seemed pleased they had once it was done. I’d hope there will be several donations made that people have been holding back on before but that’s very much in the hands of the individual team members.

Hopefully tomorrow’s quiz makes some sort of impact to make everything worthwhile, enough has gone into getting it prepared and it would be gutting if any number of things go wrong.


A strangely drowsy day, which with no changes to tablets or anything is a little odd, but that could be developments internally that we don’t find out about for a while.

After a quick chat with Esther at the Longhorn, the date for the quiz is confirmed. I would say it’s my first event organised for http://www.thebraintumourcharity.org but most of the hard work is out of my hands….all I need to do is get people there, so not as much organising as I feared!

The donations are doing extremely well, I was thinking £10,000 as a target, but thought that far too optimistic and declined to put one on the page. Let’s just keep it going until something breaks……