The steroids have been stepped up from one tablet a day to three in an attempt to control some of the co-ordination and woozines issues. Whether there are any results or improvements from it, I’m just going to have to see.

A mix of steroids, anti-sickness for chemo, general anti-sickness, anti-biotics for my chest, painkillers and chemo tablets are now filling most of the worktop; I’ve no idea what all of those combined will do to me as it’s unpredictable enough just on the chemo ones how I will be, so I could be in for a treat.

When I mentioned the head pain increasing so much, Dr. Spooner started arranging a MRI scan, which is a lot earlier than the next one should be and the next clinic appointment is in a fortnight, rather than a month, so some progress could be on the cards. I guess the scan will be done before then, otherwise it’s a bit pointless.

At least I’m a little closer to some sort of answer…I could know in a fortnight a lot more than I do now about the possibility of a future…for what it’s worth.


It will only be the steroids that carry on during the ‘transition’ week, seems soft to keep chucking back the anti-sickness as well, so they have decided that we will axe them on Sunday night too. I’ve not noticed them do anything to be fair, but like so much, it’s a precaution.

Sleep still eludes me, a few hours here and there is beginning to get more than annoying, although, if that’s linked to the chemo treatment-next week could be full of sweet dreams about lands full of hope and happiness….

Although the only point I can’t let slip is that Fred commented on ‘how quick I’d been put on tablets etc’, I don’t recall hearing this first hand, but why would this surprise him? Surely he would deal with similar cases every day….unless they are really clutching at straws to see if anything works?