Begin again

This weekend has been the worst one so far; I barely made it around the boot sale and Tamworth, no amount of pretending could disguise the fact that I’m deteriatorating massively. The same today in Birmingham, I can’t act anymore; the legs are on their way out it seems. I’ve been wobblier than before and it’s just a matter of time before I go over.

If I could start again, knowing what I do, there woukd be those who would be treated exactly as they have been and the story will remain the same. A whole host of people will never have been spoken to and even known of.

For the second day, a chair has been mentioned, so everyone else must be noticicing the walking. I swore that I wouldn’t go that route unless needs be….and it’s becoming that way.


There seemed to be a marginal amount of extra effort needed today to move around; it’s still a damn site easier than it has been of recent times, and compared to a fortnight ago, it’s movement I didn’t think I would get back, so a few hours of mild extra wobblibess is nothing.

The pile of chemo tablets in the kitchen is dwindling at an almost speedy rate, before long, well, next Monday, they will all be gone, leaving behind the remainder of the steroids. I doubt they will put me on yet another course until they have scanned in January, but that can be answered on Tuesday.