No news is good news?

Since the worst day so far on Tuesday, there seems to be a degree of normalisation happening…by no means what it could be, but the improvements in walking seem to have returned for now, which I’m putting down to the break from treatments. It was still pretty tiring going round Penkridge then Stafford yesterday and there were moments where the wobbliness almost got the better of me. The feeling of slight joint pain seems to be more when the muscles get a fair amount of work, but that seemed to occour as I was walking rather than the following morning now, so I guess that could be a good sign.

The next clinic appointment isn’t until the 13th January. I’m hoping the scan will take place before then although I doubt it will; it seems pointless without it, as there won’t be anything to discuss apart from sticking me back on the chemo tablets and what dosage it will be.

Plus, I’m not sure how much longer I can hang on to find out whether the past month or so was just a futile waste of time for all involved or not…..


There seemed to be a marginal amount of extra effort needed today to move around; it’s still a damn site easier than it has been of recent times, and compared to a fortnight ago, it’s movement I didn’t think I would get back, so a few hours of mild extra wobblibess is nothing.

The pile of chemo tablets in the kitchen is dwindling at an almost speedy rate, before long, well, next Monday, they will all be gone, leaving behind the remainder of the steroids. I doubt they will put me on yet another course until they have scanned in January, but that can be answered on Tuesday.


It would appear that I could be having some kind of progress with the walking…for the second day, it has been a hell of a lot easier to manoeuvre myself, by no means normally, but it seems like the signal from my brain just gets to my leg quicker and functions a little better. There’s still wobblyness and degrees of unsteadyness too, but for the time being, we seem to be getting somewhere.

Dr Spooner seemed pleased and almost surprised with the walking thing and the xray on my chest last week was completely clear, so as predicted, it’s just a normal wintery chesty cough, but as they have aleeady given me yet more medication for that, so I should shake it off at some point.


After a week of little movement; in fact, apart from the hospital on Tuesday, and a trip to Kerry’s for chinese on Wednesday, as ‘big’ trips go, I’ve not had any. I’ve stayed in watching DVDs, and that showed round Sutton today. I wasn’t as wobbly as I have been at other places, which could just be me slowly adapting to the way I’m having to walk these days, but there were definite moments that I felt more of a struggle to keep myself going…