Groggy & woozy feelings were, as expected, all over the place this week and as ever, there’s no way of predicting how each day will differ from the previous….if at all. It’s all well and good Clive’s growth being classed as ‘stable’ on paper, but it’s not improving things on the practical side; there’s more than enough pain rattling round my head and it doesn’t seem like the Solpadol is giving the same benefits from the first time. The next clinic appointment is nearly three weeks away, so maybe I can get something stronger then. Or not bother and carry on with how it will more than likely be anyway….


Both Fred & Claire are off this week, so there’s no way of seeing if anything can be done about speeding up, or indeed finding out about the next scan. I know one has been requested- so like every aspect of ‘living’ at the moment, I’ll just have to wait……

Things don’t seem quite as woozy today, even with a short trip to the postbox; hopefully it carries on that way, but as each day varies so much with it’s ups and downs, I’m not holding too much out for it.

Not being able to get to work, and indeed do my job even if I could get there, is getting more frustrating and upsetting by the day; I guess while I was sorting stuff out for the quiz it was keeping my mind from thinking too much about it. Now there’s too much time to wallow in my immense uselessness.


The wooziness is showing no signs of letting up, if anything, it seems to be getting worse. The only changes that have been made in the time it’s happened has been the small drop in the dosage of steroids and even that’s too insignificant to cause anything. The sleeping patterns are back to being unpredictable, leading to a feeling of constant tiredness; which could all be contributing to the head pain.

The first event is completed, all 3 who said they would firewalk did so and seemed pleased they had once it was done. I’d hope there will be several donations made that people have been holding back on before but that’s very much in the hands of the individual team members.

Hopefully tomorrow’s quiz makes some sort of impact to make everything worthwhile, enough has gone into getting it prepared and it would be gutting if any number of things go wrong.


It could be down to the chemo tablets working their way through my system but the weekend was hard going. The wooziness was increased a hell of a lot and doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

There’s still no indication of when the next scan will be and if the feelings of the past three weeks or so are anything to go by, I can’t see the results being as positive as the last one but it’s a matter of waiting and seeing.


It’s been a woozy fortnight or so anyway, making it hard to work out whether it’s the chemo tablets or Clive causing the feelings at the moment. Either way, the drowsiness and general lethargic feeling doesn’t ever let up, or showing any signs of doing so.

Dr Aslam couldn’t answer as to why the numb feeling is increasing in my hand and my leg is less responsive than it was….but looking at the scan images, it seems that the way it’s shrunk has possibly put pressure on a different area.


My leg is still feeling quite heavy from going round Stafford on Saturday; I guess it needs more than one burst of being used properly a week to allow it to get used to doing more than toddling to the kitchen to put the kettle on. It will all happen with time.

The wooziness seems to have hit a standardised level, which isn’t ideal, but at least I’m half expectant how each day is going to pan out in terms of stability and general feeling. have replied in terms of setting up a supporter’s group about an hour ago..I’ve filled in the form so hopefully there’s some progress at their end before the end of the day so I can get the word out and we can get contributing.